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Old Phone Ringtones – Get the Classic Retro Sounds

4.6 ( 3616 ratings )
Música Entretenimento
Developer: Nikola Bogdanovic

"Bring back the old memories and the good old telephone sounds with our Analog Phone Ringtones app. Do you remember the past when old fashioned telephones were used just for communicating. Now every smartphone user wants their telephone to play the best video games or to hang out on social media apps. They dont know how important it was when you heard the ringing sound from your vintage telephone. You would stop whatever you were doing and race to answer it. For those of you who miss those days and the familiar loud ringing noise we have just the right cool soundboard app. Sound professional and classy with our business ringtones!

Analog phone ringtones features:

- A huge choice of old ringtones!
- Little memory required!
- Works offline and on latest phones!
- Set as default classic ringtone!
- Custom contact ringtone!
- Perfect for short notification sounds!
- Unique SMS alert tones!
- Use for alarm clock sounds!
- High quality soundboard app!
- Best wire phone noises!
- Simple to use, colorful design!

Are you a fan of the past century fashion clothes? Do you like to collect antiques and collectibles? Then make sure to add Analog phone ringtones to your art collection! The top 10 vintage ringtones dont represent the generation of computers. They are for those who have a more refined taste in things like our sweet melodies ringtones. Not everyone can appreciate the harmony of this audio app. Add a personal touch to your phone sounds and notifications! This popular ringtones changer has tunes that dont last very long. They are perfectly suited for all alert tones possible. That includes email sound notifications, sms text messaging and reminders."